According to the provisions of the "Charter", the chairman of the conference is elected by the official members of the conference for a term of three years and is not re-elected. It is elected on behalf of the chief of the highest audit institution. The OLACEFS regulations define the functions and powers of the agency.

From January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018, the Mexican High Audit Bureau will chair the meeting. Therefore, the chairman of the organization is the Federal Supreme Auditor Juan Manuel Portal Martinez.


Promote systematic research on the management and supervision of public resources and communicate the results to members.
It is mainly responsible for guiding, organizing and carrying out training, professional and postgraduate courses as well as seminars and special events. It is mainly responsible for the implementation of technical control and supervision of staff.
Promote the provision of advisory services and technical assistance to its members to manage and supervise the management of public resources.

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